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9 July 2019
The waste management and recycling firm likes the truck’s combination of smaller size and generous hauling capacity, which makes it a good fit for navigating country lanes.
8 July 2019
The Swedish truck manufacturer estimates that seatbelt use has saved more than 1 million lives.
5 July 2019
Each of the new trucks has a distinct powertrain combination; Hawkins will use Volvo’s Dynafleet Fleet Management System to compare performance and fuel efficiency for future purchases.
2 July 2019
Wojtex Transport’s owner Wojciech Kusnerz initially looked at the trip as “a very risky decision,” but upon its successful completion now sees liquefied gas as “the fuel of the future.”
2 July 2019
The truck minimises noise pollution, improves air quality, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and is well-suited to stop-and-go operation, as it uses its engine to slow down, which decreases brake wear.
28 June 2019
Brocks Haulage, a bulk excavation company based in Purfleet, recently added a 44-tonne IVECO Stralis X-Way 6x4 tractor unit to its fleet, which is the first of its kind delivered to the United Kingdom.
20 June 2019
Project partner logistics firm DFDS says this collaboration is an important first step in integrating autonomous vehicles into the logistics workflow loop.
19 June 2019
This prestigious award signifies that the CF is the best construction vehicle for sale today on the Slovakian market.
18 June 2019
The company says its newest tyres, and the manufacturing process used to make them, are the next step on the way to Bridgestone’s goal of fully renewable and sustainable manufacturing by 2050.
13 June 2019
Slated for 2030 and beyond, the self-driving modular vehicle is designed to show the kinds of transport solutions that are within reach and includes a number of cutting-edge technologies that are currently available.
12 June 2019
This is Keltbray Group’s first Volvo purchase, and the head of haulage operations says it’s down to feedback from six drivers who each spent half a day in a Volvo demonstration vehicle.
11 June 2019
The firm tested its newest commercial truck tyres with help from 17 fleets in 13 countries, and says they provide a 15% lower cost per kilometre and 45% longer wear life.
6 June 2019
Both automakers are looking to advance the technologies necessary to meet the increasing interest of consumers in electrified vehicles.
6 June 2019
Logistics firm Contargo’s trial use of six DAF electric trucks since early May caught the eye of jury members by demonstrating the practical relevance of electric vehicles in commercial transport.
6 June 2019
The firm’s new acquisitions include two FM 6x2 tractor units, two FM rigid hook loaders, and an FE rigid skip loader truck.
5 June 2019
This new highest specification includes a 100- or 130-horsepower engine, your choice of three transmissions, keyless entry and start, dual-zone climate control, a head-up display, and more.
5 June 2019
The Trowbridge firm “undertook extensive research, including a three-week loan of an FH-500 for fuel benchmarking,” before making the purchase.
30 May 2019
The firm’s R 450 posted an average diesel fuel consumption of 23.25 litres per 100 kilometres, with greenhouse gas emissions of just 738 grams per kilometre.
29 May 2019
B J Waters Transport Ltd reports that the trucks are doing just what Volvo said they would do: “saving a lot of money in fuel!”
29 May 2019
Five of the new trucks will replace existing Henshaws vehicles, while the other two are additions to the firm’s expanded fleet.
23 May 2019
The team will enter the series of races with a 5.3-tonne IVECO Stralis 440 E 56 XP-R powered by an 1,180-horsepower Cursor 13 engine with a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour.
22 May 2019
Zest4.TV recently purchased a new 7.2-tonne IVECO Daily chassis cab with an 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission for smoother gear-shifting and lower maintenance and repair costs.
16 May 2019
The firm has purchased 3,300 Scania trucks since 2007, when Zoomlion and Scania began doing business.
15 May 2019
SK Distribution of Derbyshire bought four new Volvo FE-240s from Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd and added bodywork by Fred Smith & Sons Ltd.
14 May 2019
The Swedish truck maker will have five trucks at the event, including two FH and two FMX models inside the exhibition centre, and another FH outdoors.

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