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13 December 2018
The firm’s new interactive tool uses big data analytics to determine where accidents are most likely, as well as to discern how to make traffic flow more efficiently.
13 December 2018
The firm’s search for the oldest DAF truck still in operation led to Frits and Nicky Hoefnagels, who use their venerable DAF A1600 to haul a fairground attraction all across the Netherlands.
12 December 2018
IVECO has expressed its support for amendments made to the European Commission’s recent proposal for carbon dioxide emissions regulations by the European Parliament.
12 December 2018
A1 Services (Manchester) Limited, a waste removal and recycling company, recently purchased two Volvo FMX 6x4 vehicles, which are the first tractor units the company has ever owned.
12 December 2018
MTS Haulage, based in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, recently purchased a new Volvo FH16-750 6x4 tractor unit to aid in its tipper and heavy haulage operations.
7 December 2018
Scania uses its in-house hauling unit, Scania Transportlaboratorium, as a research and development tool for alternative fuels and other initiatives.
7 December 2018
Director Lyndon Rushby says he’s not an easy man to please, but that the new Volvos have just what his firm needs at the right price, which is why he opted for them over his previous first choice.
6 December 2018
The haulage firm ordered the truck loaded with every available option inside and a range of external custom touches along with the Aylestone livery.
6 December 2018
The Vilnius, Lithuania, haulage company conducted extensive research prior to its initial order; the second order was based on the everyday performance of the initial 500.
30 November 2018
The Bo’ness haulage firm purchased the new DAF truck from Imperial Commercials in Cumbernauld and added the XF to its fleet of more than 30 vehicles (over three-quarters of which are DAF trucks).
29 November 2018
IVECO’s Stralis NP 460 won the Sustainable Truck of the Year 2019 award in the Tractor category at Ecomondo 2018, which took place earlier this month in Rimini, Italy.
29 November 2018
Blue Bus Innovations, an airport shuttle startup offering rides between London and the Luton airport, recently added three Daily HI-MATIC CNG minibuses and three Daily Tourys diesel minibuses to its all-IVECO fleet.
16 November 2018
Nikola Motor Company recently revealed the Nikola Tre (Norwegian for “three”), a new hydrogen-electric truck specifically designed for the European trucking industry.
16 November 2018
Hayton Coulthard Transport, based in Twynholm, Scotland, added 28 Volvo FH500 6x2 tractor units to its fleet on a three-year contract hire agreement to replace its previous lineup of FH460 models.
15 November 2018
The next season of the Italian TV show “Overland” will feature a Scania XT 6x4 truck in an adventure across Africa.
12 November 2018
Bolton-based A&F Haulage, presently working to modernise its fleet of more than 100 trucks, recently ordered five Volvo FM 8x4 trucks and one FE 4x2 model.
9 November 2018
The German Federal Parliament recently announced that vehicles over 7.5 tonnes that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) will be exempt for road tolls from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.
8 November 2018
The plant hire firm added three new X-Way 6x4 rigids for their performance, payload, and IVECO’s proven reliability.
1 November 2018
Eksjö Rescue Services, based in the south of Sweden, recently added a new fire tanker truck to its fleet, a Scania XT P370.
26 October 2018
R M Hadfield Haulage, based in Buxton, Derbyshire, recently ordered 14 Volvo FH-500 6x2 Lite tractors from Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd, bringing the total in its fleet up to 20.
24 October 2018
Eco-Readymix, a ready-mix concrete supplier based in Rhostyllen, Wrexham, Wales, recently added a new Volvo FMX 8x4 rigid chassis truck to its fleet.
19 October 2018
The truck manufacturer has delivered the first of a planned 48 delivery trucks that run on biofuel rather than diesel.
19 October 2018
The firm used to hire out its transport operations, but says its Volvo trucks have turned around what was once a liability through considerable cost savings.
16 October 2018
Scania Australia is providing a G500 truck to help deliver boats, traps, and other equipment that will aid the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and University of Queensland in their crocodile research and conservation efforts.
12 October 2018
The city of Hasselt’s new P340 4x2 hooklift truck will further the city’s mission of lowering carbon and particle emissions, and is equipped to run on biogas in the future.

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