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    Open car transporter trailers can typically handle a greater number of vehicles, while enclosed models offer the benefit of protecting cars and trucks from the elements and road debris.

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    Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 08:57 AM
    Car Transporter Trailers
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    Machine Location:
    Brits, North West, South Africa 0250
    Length:5 m
    Width:200 cm
    Wheels:All Steel
    Number of Rear Axles:Tandem
    Height:60.96 m
    Frame Type:Frame
    Axle Type:Fixed

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    Brits, South Africa 0250
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    New 2022 Breakneck Car Trailer 5m x 2m x 200 Double Axles, Double Brakes, 14" Tyres, hand Winch, 2x Ramps, Papers * (Vehicle not Included) for demonstration purposes only !!

    Car transporter trailers (or car carrier trailers) are commonly divided into two categories: open and enclosed. Open-air models are typically capable of handling a greater number of vehicles, and enclosed models offer the benefit of protecting cars and trucks from the elements and road debris. Whether you’re looking at an open or closed model, all car carrier trailers feature a built-in ramp for loading and unloading vehicles, and modern units feature power hydraulics to raise and lower the ramp for greater ease of use.

    Commercial open car carriers may feature a double-decker style, and typically both decks can be tilted or lifted with hydraulics. On some older car carriers, the vehicles themselves are often secured with wheel straps or ratchets to secure them appropriately during travel. New car carriers may feature perforated flooring and “soft tie-down” systems for better durability and abrasion resistance. Some also include an extra-wide deck for hauling large vehicles and pickup trucks.

    Almost every trailer manufacturer makes some sort of car carrier, and there is certainly a variety of new and used car carriers to choose from on Truck Paper. Popular brands for sale include Herron, IFOR Williams, and JPM.

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