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Out With The Old 7.5-Tonne Fuso Canter, In With The New For Attridge Scaffolding
“Ours is a very payload-sensitive application, so the fact that we can easily get 300 kg more on a Canter than any other 7.5-tonner we’ve tried—and a lot more than that, compared to some competitors—is highly significant,” says Director James Attridge. ...
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D Hughes Demolition Replaces Ageing Volvo FMX 500 With FMX 420 8x4 Rigid
“We did look at what other manufacturers were doing when considering a replacement but having experienced Volvo’s reliability and performance first-hand for so long, we didn’t want to go with anything else,” says Director Ryan Hughes. ...
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The Platts Transport Fleet Grows By 5 Mercedes-Benz Actros L Tractor Units
“We were looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles that would support our environmental and sustainability goals, and the Actros Ls are certainly living up to their promise,” says MD Chris Whittaker. ...
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Buy from a Dealer or Operator

Whilst you will find many direct sales listed – those that come directly from a truck operator’s own fleet, the majority of the trucks for sale at Truck Locator are advertised by professional Truck Traders. These used truck dealers often add value by helping the truck buyer with specifying the right type of commercial vehicle in the first place – many dealers were once truck operators and understand the demands placed on a business running a commercial vehicle.

Buying from a truck trader also gives the purchaser additional peace of mind – the trader has their reputation to consider after all.

About Truck Locator

Buying a Used Truck

Buying a used truck is easy to do using the Truck Locator website. Truck Locator is home to thousands of trucks and trailers for sale in Ireland and the United Kingdom, from lorry dealers and directly from operators. You can start your search by choosing a particular type of truck from the Category menu at the top of the page, or by selecting a Popular Make.

Got a specialist requirement? Click the Search icon at the top of the page, click Advanced Search, and provide the information that’s essential to the truck or trailer you’re looking for. Need a Euro 6 truck? Then select 6 in the Euro Level box, combine that with other necessary features, and click the Submit button.

Keen to find local trucks for sale in your area? Simply enter your postcode or other location information in the City / Council / Postal Code field. That way you can view the trucks that are closest to you first, even restricting the results to those trucks that are within 10 miles.

Need more information about the truck models? Find the model from the menu bar and you will be able to read plenty of information covering the truck model, plus photos, videos, and a useful timeline feature showing you the major model upgrades and facelifts.

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