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23 September 2022
The newest premium Actros model is powered by the third-generation OM 471 engine, which Mercedes says delivers as much as a 4% decrease in fuel consumption.
22 September 2022
Freeing up space for more batteries, the new e-axle allows for even longer range for Volvo’s battery-electric trucks.
20 September 2022
The manufacturer has been developing prototypes of the GenH2 Truck based on the payload, range, and performance characteristics of its Actros tractor unit.
20 September 2022
New truck series for vocational and distribution transport sets new benchmark.
20 September 2022
In the test production of fossil-free steel delivered to Hiab, SSAB used Hybrit technology to make steel with hydrogen instead of coal.
20 September 2022
Daimler Truck says the newest eCanter is the product of customer feedback and more than 6 million kilometres of data.
19 September 2022
“Since the last IAA four years ago, we have moved forward at full speed with the transition to CO2-neutral transport,” says Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum.
19 September 2022
“Assuming the driver feedback remains as positive, and the trucks continue to live up to their early promise, there’s a real opportunity here for Mercedes-Benz to increase its share of our fleet,” says Willmotts Managing Director Dan Gray.
16 September 2022
Taking place over six weeks at the purpose-built Nardo Technical Centre in Southern Italy, the hot weather testing programme was designed to ensure outstanding levels of reliability and durability.
13 September 2022
O’Reilly Transport Ireland has been in operation for more than 50 years, and for more than half that span, the logistics firm has worked with SDC Trailers.
12 September 2022
“We’ve been a Volvo customer for many years— 80% of our fleet is Volvo—so when it came to choosing our new fleet there was only one marque on the table,” says ELB Partners Managing Director Peter Eason.
8 September 2022
“Payload was a critical factor behind the choice of new vehicle as the memorial headstones and kitchen worktops are both large and extremely heavy, with each one potentially weighing in at up to 1.5 tonne,” says H.L. Perfitt General Manager Vikki Gordon.
6 September 2022
Over 20 years ago the company set out to identify a universal mechanism that could secure multiple load types from paper rolls, steel coils, palleted beverages and kegs, through to tubing, sheet metal and miscellaneous individual panels.
30 August 2022
“We are glad to now also officially enter the German commercial vehicle market with our heavy-duty fuel cell electric truck, the Xcient Fuel Cell,” says Hyundai Motor Company’s Mark Freymueller.
26 August 2022
The Firm expects the new Volvo to be heavily engaged in aggregate deliveries for the UK’s High Speed 2 railway line project.
24 August 2022
“During our trial, we saw significant fuel savings which we project could yield a £10,000 annual cost saving per truck compared to the older vehicles we have on the fleet,” says K1 Logistics Managing Director Kurt Evans.
24 August 2022
Norfolk Truck & Van supplied the C430, which Mr Plant Hire took on in a like-for-like replacement arrangement as part of a five-year renewal programme.
24 August 2022
The Lincolnshire-based agricultural hauler received a brace of Dafs in July, and it seems they’ve made an impression.
15 August 2022
The UK’s largest supermarket chain has put the truck to work delivering goods from its Dagenham distribution centre to more than 400 store locations in Greater London.
12 August 2022
Most of the company’s 17 vacuum tankers, with gross vehicle weights ranging from 18 to 32 tonnes, are Mercedes-Benz.
9 August 2022
The concrete mixer, vehicle, and driver hire specialist acquired its first Mercedes-Benz truck in 2014 after initially favouring Swedish trucks; today the fleet is composed entirely of trucks bearing the Three-Pointed Star.
8 August 2022
Malcolm Allan Housebuilders wanted a truck that could simplify the delivery of building materials to construction sites across the UK, while also capably handling muckaway duties on the return trip.
5 August 2022
With optional full-height glass in the side door, the cab of Gold Fish’s new Econics rates a maximum of five stars under the Direct Vision Standard.
5 August 2022
"As we regularly run into London, meeting the Direct Vision Standard is essential for us," says CEO Lewis Johnson.
2 August 2022
The company is no stranger to trucks that bear a three-pointed star, as all but five of the 22 vehicles in its fleet are Mercedes-Benz models.

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