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19 May 2022
The firm’s new Arocs 3253 tipper has a 12.8-litre, inline six-cylinder, OM 471 engine with 530 horsepower to better handle Telegraph Hill near Exeter, Devon.
24 March 2022
“I wanted a vehicle that will get in and out of tight spots, and having worked previously for a guy who now has four, I know the Canter can turn on a sixpence,” says Jennings.
28 February 2022
Replacing a tractor with the Unimog has paid dividends to the Scredington operation, thanks especially to on-road performance that far eclipses the tractor’s, saving time and money.
1 December 2021
“In years gone by, we’ve been predominantly Volvo, so we’re very happy to be going back to them again for this new order,” says Brocklebank & Co Demolition owner Nick Brocklebank.
19 November 2021
The asphalt and aggregate specialist’s fleet of 104 trucks reports that Volvos make up more than half its fleet.
19 October 2021
“The Unimog is a fantastic all-rounder, and makes us a lot more efficient,” says Brian Greig. “It will do pretty well everything a tractor can, and so much more as well. I have plenty of jobs lined up for it.”
6 October 2021
The muck-shifting specialist headquartered in Thame, Oxfordshire, maintains a fleet of more than 100 trucks; this latest order is a return to Volvo due to technical issues with another brand.
6 October 2021
The 770-horsepower rigid powers the longest and heaviest truck-and-trailer combination currently making regular deliveries in a European nation.
5 October 2021
The truckmaker had a pair X-WAYs on display at the show in Yorkshire, one configured with tipper bodywork and the other set up with tipper grab kit.
15 September 2021
The firm’s new Arocs sweeper is an 1840 with a ClassicSpace sleeper cab, provided by Bell Truck and Van, and sweeper bodywork provided by Stock Sweepers.
1 September 2021
AJ Champion of Radstock, Somerset, replaced one Isuzu delivery truck with another, a new 11-tonne rigid tipper.
31 August 2021
Unhappy with his previous truck from a competing marque, Hooley took some advice from the Allports Group dealership in Stoke-on-Trent and is very happy with his choice so far.
31 August 2021
The firm’s new F110.240 (E) is equipped with Britt Tip high-sided tipper bodywork that is a great fit for delivering mulch and can easily be converted to a flatbed by removing the sides.
25 August 2021
The ability to haul crew, as well as wood chippers, stump grinders, and other arboriculture equipment was at the top of the firm’s priority list, but the ability bring that equipment close to the jobsite was also a deciding factor.
10 August 2021
With an attention-grabbing, funky full-wrap livery from Freestyle Designs of Bath described as an “explosion of colour,” Frater Urban Quarry’s new Arocs eight-wheeler is nearly impossible to miss.
22 July 2021
“We’re very proud to be running a fabulous Actros Edition 1 as our first tractor unit,” says Brunel Managing Director Brian Venables.
25 June 2021
Quarry boss Calum McCrae was impressed with the 8x4 Mercedes-Benz Arocs he acquired three years ago and recently added two more, opting for the Mercedes-Benz trucks over a previously used Swedish marque.
26 May 2021
The firm has a good relationship with Renault dealer Sparks Commercials and received endorsements of the Renault brand from others in the industry.
26 May 2021
The Hereford-based aggregate, concrete, and landscaping products supplier recently gained a third IVECO Stralis X-WAY tipper, and a fourth is on order.
14 May 2021
The firm has just upgraded its municipal hire fleet with six Isuzu trucks, including 3.5-, 7.5-, and 13.5-tonne GVM models.
4 May 2021
The extremely rugged 40-tonne off-highway truck is the successor to the company’s TRAKKER model with high reliability and payload capacity, as well as safety, digital connectivity, and driver comfort features.
30 April 2021
Emma Stevens (the Daughter in “Father & Daughter”) favours driving Scanias over trucks from other marques, and says the aftersales support received from Scania’s Shepton Mallet depot is another big factor in the purchase.
28 April 2021
The trucks were chosen for their manoeuvrability, light weight, and substantial payload, all of which Maydencroft says make them ideal for the tree surgery division.
22 March 2021
The 26-tonne 6x2 rigid is powered by four 66-kWh battery packs and came equipped with JOCQUIN tipper bodywork and a HIAB X HiPro 142-E crane.
17 February 2021
The firm cites the trucks’ toughness and fuel efficiency as important considerations in making a purchase decision, and says the Scanias’ comfortable cabs help its drivers avoid fatigue.

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