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28 September 2020
The programme helps drivers learn how to take advantage of current assistance systems and get the best fuel economy from their trucks.
15 September 2020
The company pledges to launch new electrified products annually over the coming years, and says that long-distance electric trucks adapted for fast charging are on the way.
15 September 2020
The firm’s MD Francesco Casilli says the purchase is important both for the reduced emissions it represents as well as the injection of money into the beleaguered economy.
24 August 2020
Scania’s research partners indicate that a successful outcome could eventually lead to as much as 80% of heavy trucks in Germany utilising similar tech to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.
26 June 2020
The tipper hire firm takes pride in running clean trucks with an eye-catching livery, and says their new Scania G 500 XT is very nearly as effective as an advert for the business as it is at hauling and dumping loads.
17 June 2020
McMahon describes the ruby red, V8-equipped tractor unit as “in very good condition, nearly pristine in the cab,” despite having logged a half-million kilometres.
8 June 2020
Frakt MD Lars Reinholdsson says the truck (and others like it to come) will help the company meet society’s CO2 reduction targets as it plans to meet standards for 2030 and even 2050.
5 June 2020
Appropriate for businesses of all sizes, ISO 45001 provides companies guidance and spells out specific requirements needed to implement an accredited workplace health and safety management system.
1 June 2020
Scania's East Region dealership and West Pennine Trucks in Manchester won second and third place, respectively.
28 May 2020
The 38-vehicle fleet consists of a mix of G-, R-, and S-series trucks in 4x2, 4x4, and 6x4 axle configurations with 13- and 16-litre engines.
7 May 2020
The tragic reason behind owner Kim Ancker’s decision to equip his new truck with the lifesaving device was the 2018 death of an oncoming driver due to cardiac arrest.
1 May 2020
Urbaser offered the services of six of its biogas-powered Scania P 340s, which feature a range of 350 kilometres per filling with frequent stops and starts.
16 April 2020
The P320 rigid 6x2 pairs a 9-litre, 320-horsepower diesel engine with a 132-kilowatt electric motor and can travel 10 kilometres running solely on electric power hauling a 15-tonne load.
6 April 2020
The company believes that keeping the transportation industry running “is essential to ensure deliveries of necessary goods,” including food and medical supplies.
31 March 2020
The Guide makes the business and environmental case for a variety of low carbon and sustainable fuels with particular emphasis on high-blend biofuels for commercial vehicles.
10 March 2020
Steve Affleck has many years of experience in the automotive industry and has worked for Scania in the past.
4 March 2020
Scania has introduced truck side-detection functionality using two separate driver assistance systems to help drivers avoid collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.
3 March 2020
The new engine will serve as a lighter, more flexible alternative to the series’ existing 9-litre DC09 engine, and comes in 220-, 250-, and 280-horsepower variants.
18 February 2020
The programme will put two 27-tonne electric Scania lorries to work delivering appliances in Oslo; the trucks’ performance data will aid in future electric truck development.
3 February 2020
The PRoPART project combines data from a truck’s own onboard sensors and cameras with that from other vehicles and from nearby infrastructure to create a more complete picture of the driving environment.
30 January 2020
These days, diagnostics-related issues take up as much of a technician’s time as do mechanical ones, so finding the right software solution quickly is key.
27 January 2020
HAVI Logistics, a supply chain management, packaging, and logistics specialist based in Duisburg, Germany, recently added four Scania biogas trucks to its Finnish fleet
22 January 2020
The truck manufacturer says hydrogen gas “is an interesting option for long-haulage electrified transport, and early tests show that the technology also works well in colder climate.”
3 January 2020
In order to prevent the loss of fuel and deter would-be thieves, Scania’s latest innovation can activate the truck’s alarm system, and trucks with Scania’s Control Package can alert the owner via email or text message.
13 December 2019
The new bus fleet consists of 400 13-metre low-entry buses as well as 50 18-metre articulated buses powered by compressed natural gas.

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