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Top Tips For Selling Your Truck

Anyone looking to sell a truck, whether it be a tractor unit, tipper, flatbed, curtain sider, or box truck, has the same goal: sell it fast for as much money as possible. But the steps you take and the way you go about making that sale will ultimately determine your level of success. That’s why we’ve provided the following tips, which provide a reliable roadmap that will help you sell your truck quickly and for a fair price.

You can find the Price Checker just above any listings page on the website.

Price It To Sell

Aside from pictures of your truck, often the first thing a prospective buyer will look at is the price. If you don’t include a price when you list your truck, the listing will prompt buyers to call you for more information. However, statistics show that fewer people will respond to your ad because they will assume the price is too high. Including a price, however, is a delicate balancing act—if you price your truck too high, it could take much longer to sell it, and if you price it too low, you’ll wind up leaving money on the table.

There’s good news, though! TruckLocator offers several ways for you to determine the value of your truck and price it to sell. The first option is to search for the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle to see what other sellers are asking. You can then click the Price Checker link above the listings for a concise summary of the numbers. Price Checker shows you the highest and lowest for-sale prices among listings for trucks similar to yours, as well as averages, and lets you quickly jump to listings pages for the trucks for sale at retail and those up for auction.

Price Checker shows you the current high and low prices among trucks similar to yours, as well as an average price. You can also click on the number under “Auction” to see final bids for recent auction lots.

For more helpful pricing information, click Auction Results near the top of the page. Auction Results is an excellent way to determine the current market value of your truck. The advanced search tools allow you to narrow down results to trucks that not only match your vehicle’s make, model, and year, but also to find models with comparable mileage, operating weight, axle configuration, and more. You can even specify listings for trucks that have been sold within a certain number of days to ensure you’re getting the most current information available.

Another invaluable tool from Sandhills is FleetEvaluator. Found at, this is a highly accurate market analysis tool that gathers data from several sources, factors in market trends, and then offers you a valuation for your vehicle. It leverages Sandhills’ trade publication websites, including and, to give you the most accurate, up-to-date figures.

If you only need to sell one truck, photo listings offer a simple way to get your vehicle in front of Truck Locator print readers.

Add Multiple Pictures & Videos To Your Listing

Giving potential buyers peace of mind, especially when selling online, is a crucial step toward making your best sale. A good way to do that is to take pictures and video of the truck and any wearable components. You will want to take several photos of the interior and exterior, including under the hood, the tires, etc., from multiple angles and include an image of the serial plate. Listings with multiple pictures get more attention than those with one or none.

You can also help your cause my uploading a video of your truck in action. This shows the buyer that the vehicle is in proper working condition and matches the description (more on that later). The process couldn’t be simpler. Simply take photos and video with your smartphone and upload them to TruckLocator directly, no computer required.

Each image, whether in a larger ad or a photo listing, features a Quick Find code that readers can enter at the TruckLocator website and access your online listing directly.

Write A Thorough & Accurate Description

When writing the description for your listing, be sure to add as much detail as you can. Include all relevant specifications, non-standard features, and more. Be specific and accurate with the truck’s condition. If there are issues with the vehicle, make the buyer aware and make sure the price reflects it.

The last thing a buyer wants is to be surprised when they get their truck. That may tempt you to write a line or two and then add “call for more details,” but that could potentially limit the number of potential buyers. Be as transparent as possible and give buyers any information you would want to know when shopping for a truck.

Monitor Your Progress

After you post your listing, keep track of how well it’s doing. Truck Locator makes it easy to see how many overall impressions and detail page views your listing gets over a period of time as well as how many people used a Quick Find code (more on that later) to find it, clicked the link to call you, or clicked to send you a message. If you aren’t getting as much traffic as you’d like or you’re getting a good amount and yet the truck isn’t selling, you may need to adjust the price, add more images, or tweak the description to engage more buyers.

Monitor how much website traffic and how many phone calls and emails you’re getting from your listing and make adjustments as necessary to sell your truck quickly.

Advertise Online & In Print

With the TruckLocator website and Truck Locator magazine, you get the best of both worlds by advertising both in online and in print. While some people like to shop from their computer or mobile device and handle everything over the internet, others still like the tactile nature of flipping through the pages of a print publication and browsing the used trucks for sale.

The print version allows dealers to take out full-page ads with multiple vehicles for sale, while those selling one truck at a time may be better served with a photo listing. Regardless of the type of ad, you will get an image of your truck and a short description in front of readers. Each image in the magazine has a Quick Find code in the corner that buyers can enter on the TruckLocator site to go directly to your listing complete with a longer description, photos, videos, and more.

Browse current and past digital issues of Truck Locator at the Newsstand area on the TruckLocator site to see more examples of full ads and photo listings, and contact us today if you’re interested in selling. A representative will be waiting to answer all of your questions and give you the tools you need to sell your truck quickly.

Posted On 31 March 2020
Category: How-To and Tips
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