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    Municipal trucks for sale include asphalt hot boxes, recycle trucks, refuse trucks, vacuum trucks, sweepers, spreaders/gritters, snowplows, and traffic management vehicles.

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    Updated: Monday, February 27, 2023 05:30 PM
    Sweeper Municipal Trucks
    Price:EUR €89,000
    Machine Location:
    Reken, Germany 48734
    Rental Prices:
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    Stock Number:12522
    Mileage:52,600 km
    Horsepower:175 kW
    Number of Rear Axles:Tandem
    Fuel Type:Diesel
    Gross Vehicle Weight:15,000 kg

    Rademacher Baumaschinen-Service

    Reken, Germany 48734
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    MB Atego 1324 L mit einem Bucher CityFant 6000 SH Aufbau. 1. Hand Irrtümer und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten.

    The municipal trucks category is a wide-ranging one that includes new and used asphalt hot boxes, recycle trucks, refuse trucks, vacuum trucks, sweepers, spreaders/gritters, snowplows, traffic management vehicles, and other equipment. Manufactures include DAF, Dennis Eagle, ERF, HINO, Isuzu, IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Renault, Scania, and Volvo.

    Two larger subcategories of municipal trucks are refuse trucks and sweepers, both of which have roots tied to horse-drawn equipment. Refuse trucks, also called waste collection vehicles, rubbish trucks, dumpsters, bin wagons, and dustbin lorries, advanced greatly in the 1920s when covered models debuted in Europe and later when the Garwood Load Packer introduced a compactor that reportedly doubled the capacity of typical refuse trucks. Current models include front, rear, and side loaders. Additionally, some operators are experimenting with electric models.

    Modern street sweepers, also called street cleaners, graduated from the mechanical model Joseph Whitworth invented in the 1840s to sophisticated truck-mounted equipment suitable for streets and industrial sites that integrate brushes, water tanks, jets and sprayers, pumps, suction hoses, and vacuum systems that can pick up chemicals, oil, and tiny particles of dirt and debris. Broadly, municipal trucks integrate GPS, reverse cameras, weighing systems, and other features.