Car Transporter Trucks

    Car transport trucks, also known as carrier trailers or auto transport haulers, are available in open and enclosed varieties. Some models can carry one vehicle, while others can carry 10 or more.

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    Updated: Tuesday, September 05, 2023 05:41 AM
    Car Transporter Trucks
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    The name gives away the function of a car transporter truck, also known as car carrier trailers or auto transport haulers. Simply put, these vehicles transport new, used, non-running, vintage, and other types of automobiles, including for vehicle dealerships and individual customers. Manufacturers or new and pre-owned car transport trucks include Isuzu, DAF, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, and Volvo.

    Car transport trucks are available in open and enclosed varieties, with enclosed models providing greater protection against weather, debris, and other road-related damage. While some car transporter trucks haul only one vehicle at a time, others transport anywhere from a few to 10 or more vehicles simultaneously, typically via a double-decker trailer approach that relies on the vehicle’s own power for loading/unloading but that uses hydraulics to raise and lower the individual ramps the vehicle stores in.

    Depending on the car transport truck or trailer, technologies and mechanisms can possibly include tilt and slide designs, leaf suspension, beavertails, winches with pull-out arms or extendable tow bars, demountable boxes, hydraulic lift gates, and mounted control boxes. Car transporter trucks may or may not also include sleeper cabs.

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