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    Cherry picker trucks’ capabilities vary in part depending on their size. While smaller models are great for getting quickly from one site to the next, larger models may have jack legs for unwieldy tasks.

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    Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 06:06 AM
    Cherry Picker Trucks
    Price:EUR €89,000

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    Machine Location:
    Veghel, North Brabant, The Netherlands 5466AP
    Stock Number:70191236
    Mileage:11 km
    Horsepower:134.23 kW
    Tyres:265/70 R17.5
    Wheelbase:444.5 cm
    Number of Rear Axles:Single

    BAS World

    Veghel, The Netherlands 5466AP
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    == Information in English == = Additional options and accessories = Characteristics - Chassis height: 77 Crane - Lift capacity crane: 250 - Front outriggers - Rear outriggers Engine - AdBlue - ...See More Details

    New and used cherry picker trucks are extremely useful for accessing hard-to-reach places in many different environments. Smaller cherry picker trucks have an elevating assembly built into the body of the vehicle, which makes them especially handy for maneuvering from one location to the next. Larger cherry picker trucks often have a front cab and a separate rear trailer to which the cherry picker assembly is attached.

    Whether you are considering a small or large used cherry picker truck, it’s important to know the maximum load the cherry picker can handle, as well as the capacity of the basket. When determining what is appropriate, keep in mind the number of workers who might be using the cherry picker at one time. Also note that bigger cherry picker trucks may include jack legs for added stability, which can make them better-suited than smaller models for large or unwieldy tasks.

    DAF, IVECO, Land Rover, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, and Scania are among the more well-known manufacturers of cherry picker trucks.

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