Skeletal Trucks

    Skeletal trucks have a cab and an attached chassis or flatbed, which makes them adaptable to a variety of applications and customizable for specific purposes.

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    Updated: Thursday, September 28, 2023 05:11 AM
    Skeletal Trucks
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    Modugno, Ba, Italy 70026
    Drive Side:Left Hand Drive


    MODUGNO, Italy 70026
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    IVECO XWAY 350.48, Nuovo, Euro 6, Passo 4800, 4 assi, cambio ZF 16 marce, intarder, retarder, 1°-2°-4° asse sterzante, 1°-2° asse 8 Ton, ADR tutte le classi

    New and used skeletal trucks offer a great deal of flexibility in hauling cargo large and small, depending on the size of the truck. Skeletal trucks, named for their barebones structure, are rigid vehicles with a cab and an attached skeletal truck base, such as a chassis or flatbed. These trucks are therefore adaptable to a variety of applications and customisable for specific purposes.

    Skeletal trucks are worth consideration for buyers seeking a single truck to handle different jobs from one day to the next. Many skeletal trucks work well for container haulage, but they are versatile enough to accommodate common and oddly shaped cargo alike. Many models can also be fitted with sideboards, tanks, lifts, or other equipment for more specific uses.

    While manufacturers don’t always use the term ‘skeletal truck,’ these vehicles are available from numerous manufacturers. The most well-known makers of skeletal trucks include IVECO, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, and Scania.

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