Water Tanker Trucks

    Most tanker trucks include a cab and chassis equipped with a tank and all of the associated pumps and components.

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    Updated: Tuesday, September 05, 2023 05:41 AM
    Water Tanker Trucks
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    Bell, Germany 56745
    Horsepower:316.26 kW
    Drive Side:Left Hand Drive

    amag GmbH

    Bell, Germany 56745
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    Watertruck 16.000l capacity, sprinkler system infinitely variable front, rear or side.

    If you need to transport liquids from one place or another or just need a place to store those liquids, then tanker trucks are the vehicles you’re looking for. Some models include a standalone tank pulled by a truck, but generally a tanker truck is a cab and chassis equipped with a tank and all of the associated pumps and components. The key to choosing the right tanker truck is knowing that not all of them have equivalent features, and some of them are specially outfitted to support specific applications.

    Some tanker trucks, for example, are built to transport specific liquids, such as water, milk, food, oil and fuel, or even tar. And within those categories there are differences, such as the difference between water tankers that are designed for transporting potable water and others made for firefighting purposes.

    Many manufacturers offer tanker trucks, or cab and chassis trucks that can be configured into tankers. These include DAF, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, and Volvo.

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