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Knapen RECYCLING Waste Walking Floor This is our RECYCLING Waste walking floor product. Floors are definitely a case of 'Horses for Courses'. Choose the right spec trailer for the work you do. We have optimised this RECYCLING trailer to take abuse at the heavier end of the market. It has features that move it up from a BIOMASS spec into the more difficult products you might carry when RECYCLING. The chassis and sidewall construction is a culmination of 30 years experiecnce building for the Eastern European waste sector at 55 tonnes. The floor is the XHDI - extra heavy duty impact system - will take larger lumps - more abrasive materials - larger wood items, black bag and household recycling products. Though not recommended for everyday work on the landfill (we do the TITAN walking floor option for that) - it will withstand some landfill when the MERF occasionally breaks down. This trailer has a large steel box section bolted to the of all four sides of the box and can take those knocks that inevitably come from loading shovels. other sizes are available. Too heavy for you then choose the BIOMASS spec Knapen, not strong enough then choose the TITAN Armageddon specification trailer. 127 cuyd 4.2m over the side HDX Chassis construction with 18tonne pin. Steel crossmembers in the pin area and a Heavy duty UK steel lead up plate Cargo Floor 15 plank XHDI (Extra Heavy Duty Impact) system. 10mm - 22mm of aluminium on the planks 1200 floor bearers (upgraded from 800 on standard trailer) and thicker than standard cross members with 8 more cross members BPW Axles and BPW Drum brakes Galvanised chassis with 10 year anti corrosion warranty 6 meters of 2 m full height 4 mm wear plates and 7 meters of 1 m height 4 mm wear plates Steel capped top rails 600 mm x 600 mm x 6 mm steel box capping both sides, front and rear attached by tabs and bolts. Extra heavy duty roof supports Dawbarn Hydroclear automatic sheet system Moving internal headboard Towing eye in case you have been a bit cheeky Rear door 50:50 split with double locks per door (hydraulic door variant available to order) with an air safety door lock Doube front catwalk Knapen Waste Specification Walking Floor 127 CuYds (97.1m3) Fitted 3x BPW Eco Plus axles.On Air suspension. On 22.50" BPW Drum brakes and Steel wheels The door is Barn Door 50:50Mid Blue Dawbarn Hydraulic Roll Over Sheet Hydroclear cover fitted. The Weekly price shown in the 'lease price' is simply an illustration and not an offer to finance. The guide is based on a 15% initial payment and finance over 5 years. Call us for full details. FuelType: Diesel

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