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Engine: Renault DXi 7 Year: 2005 Spec No: 3939357 Serial No: 10423364 Power Rating: 177Kw / 240Hp Other Power Ratings are available including 290hp Complete Engines Crankshafts Camshafts Cylinder Heads Short Engines Piston Heads Ancillaries Gearboxes All Engine Spares for Renault DXi 7 engine available F&J Exports Ltd provide Renault DXi 7 engine worldwide and have extensive experience and knowledge of the various types and applications. We have a good stock of late model engines which have derived from ex. Insurance underwritten vehicles accident damage or ex. fleet applications. In all circumstances we check engines for exterior damage and check the mechanical comprehension on the engine via starter motor ignition. We can check how well the engine turns and compression where any internal mechanical faults can initially be identified. In all instances we can provide detailed photographs and video of the engine turning on request. We take pride in our stock and ensure we help our customers return their vehicles to operation. Our extensive and reliable delivery service comprises of next day deliveries if required within the UK and quick turn around via Air Freight and Sea Freight Internationally. We use approved shipping agents who provide us with an exceptional service including delivery of express documentation and shipping notes via email and special delivery courier. Volvo D7e engine | Volvo Engines for sale UK | Used Volvo Engine | Volvo FM7 Engine | Volvo D7 Engine | Used Commercial Engines | Used Commercial Engine Spares | Engine Export price: Contact us for price Part No: n/a Engine Type: Renault DXi 7

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