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Scania's Timeline

Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Scania's history

Scania Start on Railway
Railway carriages were the name of the game in the early years of what would become Scania. The initial company, Vabis, with which Scania soon merged, started to develop trucks and cars before the turn of the century.
First Scania Trucks Produced
Scania produced its first truck two years after becoming officially established in Malmo, Sweden.
Scania merged with Vabis
Scania merged with Vabis to become Scania-Vabis and continue to compete for business across Europe.
First Diesel Engine
The Scania diesel engine makes its first appearance.
Scania Start Modular System
Scania’s modular system came to the fore in the company’s first instance of the use of standardised components in a diesel model, namely the Royal.
Direct Injection Diesels Used
The robustness of the engines in Scania trucks was further bolstered by the inception of direct injection diesel engines.
Scania Expands Production into Netherlands
International expansion continues into the Netherlands.
Scania Merges with Saab
Europe sees the most powerful engine ever produced for a truck in Scania-Vabis’ 14-litre V8, which boasted a remarkable 350bhp. In the same year, the company merged with Saab to become Saab-Scania.
Scania 2 Series Introduced
After rapid international expansion throughout the 1970s, Scania introduced its 2 Series.
Scania 3 Series Introduced
The 3 Series saw international recognition and awards, whilst the manufacturing process enabled bespoke customer trucks to be made.
Scania 4 Series Launched
The 4 Series sees a new 12-litre engine introduced alongside an updated cab and new chassis
1,000,000 Truck Milestone Reached
Scania manufactures its one millionth truck.
VW Acquired Majority Voting Rights in Scania
The ownership of Scania is shifted to Volkswagen as it acquires almost 70% of the voting rights of the company.
Scania Register First Euro 6 Trucks
Ahead of the rest of the market, Scania registered the first Euro 6 truck as soon as the standards were adopted
Scania Euro 6 Range Complete
The first manufacturer to achieve Euro 6 with a V8 engine, the company led the top power tractor unit race into 2014