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    DAF is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe, and so its tractor units are sought after on the used market...

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    DAF is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world, and so its tractor units are sought after on the used market. The wide availability of DAF vehicles is not just beneficial when it comes to buying a truck, but also for things such as maintenance and repairs. And with tractor units ranging from compact 9-tonne models to long-haul versions with plenty of pulling power at 40 tonnes or more, DAF customers can pick and choose from an extensive array of options. Some DAF tractor units survive for well over a decade, making value for money easy to attain.

    Meanwhile, there are nearly new models with the latest equipment and efficient engines on board to cater to those who need cutting-edge capabilities at an affordable price. Cost-effectiveness is clearly tempered by the state in which the tractor unit is sold, so check used DAF products to get a good idea of what maintenance work may be required.

    DAF Tractor Units
    DAF XF Tractor Units

    The DAF XF range is made up of the largest tractor units this company currently offers, and in its latest guise it benefits from a redesigned chassis as well as the most efficient Euro VI compliant engines currently available. With PACCAR engines and efficient gearboxes, an XF tractor unit can really live up to claims of lower fuel consumption and longer service intervals.

    The cab is set out to be comfortable as well as flexible, with DAF priding itself on the level of customisation that is offered to buyers. So from navigation systems to device inputs and reversing cameras, you can encounter all sorts of clever kit on board used DAF tractor units. The largest cabs on these models can offer a full 2.25 metres of standing height, meaning that sleeper units are spacious and can accommodate all that a driver needs to get by while on the road for several nights in a row.

    Because DAF has configured its cabs in various ways over the years, buying a second-hand unit will require an inspection of the interior to assess exactly what is included.

    What about a DAF CF Tractor Unit?

    The DAF CF tractor unit family is similarly versatile and diverse, catering to both short- and long-haul usage and coming with multiple cab styles, engines and axle set-ups. Recent models with Euro V and VI engines come out top of the class in terms of sustainability and pulling power, while the CF range also includes models which are built specifically for use in the construction industry, with chassis reinforcement, great ground clearance and impressive traction for those times when going off-road is essential.

    A DAF tractor unit should be selected to suit the duties that you want to assign to it, so make sure that whichever model you pick you are getting a vehicle which is capable enough to fill the role effectively. All the usual checks to work out the state of a used truck should be carried out, and the manufacturer may be able to provide more information about models if you still have questions that need answers.


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