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    For market-leading long-distance trucking, a Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit can be an ideal choice for modern operators...

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    For market-leading long-distance trucking, a Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit can be an ideal choice for modern operators. Clean-running, comfortable and comprehensively efficient, the Actros range has evolved into something quite special.

    And used models have carved an imposing position for themselves, ensuring customer loyalty while winning new fans on a regular basis. 18- to 44-tonne Actros tractor units can be found for sale, with both right- and left-hand drive models on offer so that organisations can be well prepared either for predominantly domestic or continental deployment.

    A Pair of Used Mercedes Actros 2545 Tractor Units

    Mercedes-Benz has earned plaudits for the technical aspects of the Actros tractor unit range over the years, but it should be equally commended for the cab features which help to make conditions for the driver as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

    Choice of Axle Layouts

    Actros tractor units come with either 4x2 or 6x2 axle configurations, depending on their size. And the chassis set-up will also vary, although across the range there is consistency in the build quality and the intelligence of the engineering that underpins each model. Engines are also impressive, with a range of Euro 4, 5 and 6 power plants found in these long-haul trucks.

    The more recent the Euro rating, the better the efficiency of an engine, with emissions also being reduced thanks to more stringent regulations. So be prepared for older tractor units to be less impressive in this respect. Simplified maintenance and a strong network of repair partners mean that keeping an Actros tractor unit ready for active duty should not be difficult or overly expensive. But it is worth knowing if a used example has any foibles or flaws that may need managing before you buy.

    Choice of Actros Tractor Unit Cabs

     At the moment there are five distinct cab set-ups available, ranging from the CompactSpace cabs right up to the GigaSpace cabs. The largest of the lot measures 2.5 metres across and has a headroom of 2.13 metres, with the interior not only feeling spacious but also offering up lots of storage compartments so that this space does not go to waste. Smaller sleeper units are suitable for one driver, but the models that come with two bunks can easily accommodate a pair of people as they work in shifts behind the wheel and relax in their downtime.

    Driver fatigue is a sensible thing to be concerned about when picking a tractor unit, and the various assist features integrated with the modern Actros range from Mercedes-Benz should leave organisations confident that no unnecessary strain is being placed on operators.

    From proximity control for maintaining a safe distance from vehicles in front to things such as integrated rain and light sensors that automatically activate wipers and headlights when conditions require them, the driving experience is enhanced using intelligent and unobtrusive technology. Recent models even offer things such as xenon headlights that follow the curve of the road when the tractor unit takes corners. And because many modern features appear on Mercedes-Benz trucks before they arrive anywhere else, even used tractor units in the Actros range can offer systems of this type.

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