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    The Axor range may no longer be in production, but for many years it was a model that made a name for itself sandwiched between the smaller Atego and top-tier Actros ranges...

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    The Axor range may no longer be in production, but for many years it was a model that made a name for itself sandwiched between the smaller Atego and top-tier Actros ranges. In fact, from 2005 it even absorbed the standalone Atego tractor units weighing 18 tonnes or more and became a larger part of the Mercedes-Benz truck family as a result.

    Because the Axor tractor units are available used, you can buy a variety of examples today. If they have been properly maintained, then they can keep on filling long-haul roles in modern organisations that are looking to save money on fleet expansion. Both 4x2 and 6x2 tractor units sit in the Axor family, along with various cab configurations, safety features and engines.

    Euro 5 Axor Tractor Units - Best on Fuel

    Typical Used Mercedes Axor

    If fuel economy is a priority, then buying an Axor tractor unit which features a Euro 5 engine is the best strategy to achieve this end. Savings of between three and five per cent are possible when directly comparing this type of powerplant with older units built to outdated emissions standards. And coupled with the carefully monitored cruise control that features on Mercedes-Benz models, the miles can roll by with the minimum expenditure of effort from the engine. Look for a good service record and a current MOT to indicate whether or not a used Axor tractor unit will make for a good investment.

    The engine may be the heart of the Axor, but it is reliant on a number of other mechanical organs to do its job properly. As such, you can encounter various features and systems that are to be desired in a truck of this kind. Disc brakes, air suspension and rear axle load-sensing technologies are available on later models. Meanwhile, alloy fuel tanks lessen the burden on the tractor unit, and xenon headlamps light the way if they have been specified by the original buyer of the vehicle in question.

    Sleeper Cab Options

    High-roof sleeper cabs with up to two bunks can be found in the Axor family, while heated electric mirrors and electric windows make it simple for drivers to carry out adjustments. The dash is laid out in a clear and uncomplicated manner and in some instances is finished in walnut to give the interior the kind of premium feel not present in many commercial vehicles. Even with the amount of space on offer inside, an Axor tractor unit is designed to be aerodynamically sound and can come with a deflector on the roof to further lessen its wind resistance, which in turn allows for lower fuel consumption over long runs.

    The Axor - Our View

    Mercedes-Benz Axor tractor units can be purchased second-hand with half a million kilometres or more on the clock. But this amount of use is not something to particularly worry about for fleet operators. With the right type of maintenance at the correct intervals, this type of truck can easily last for decades, and the Axor range will surely be around for years to come, even if it has been superseded by the Actros.

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