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    Anyone looking to buy Mercedes-Benz tractor units second-hand will have their work cut out when considering the breadth of options available...

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    Updated: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 05:20 AM
    Tractor with Sleeper
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    Canterbury, England, United Kingdom CT3 3EP
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    Drive Side:Right Hand Drive


    Canterbury, United Kingdom CT3 3EP
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    New Mercedes Benz 2510 Big Space Cab 6 x 2 Tractor Unit Fitted with DVS and an In Cab Fridge and Microwave.

    Updated: Tuesday, September 05, 2023 07:23 AM
    Tractor Heavy Haulage
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    Vierpolders, South Holland, The Netherlands 3237KC
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    Mileage:20,862 km
    Horse Power:447.42 kW
    Automated Transmission Type:Powershift
    Drive Side:Left Hand Drive
    Euro Rating:5

    Lodi Trading Company BV

    Vierpolders, The Netherlands 3237 KC
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    == Information in English == Field of application: Freight transport Axle 1: Tyre size: 14.00R20 Axle 3: Tyre size: 14.00R20 Axle 4: Tyre size: 14.00R20 Rental currency: EUR Please contact ...See More Details

    Anyone looking to buy Mercedes-Benz tractor units second-hand will have their work cut out when considering the breadth of options available. Efficient, reliable engineering is available across the board, with the range of models also including comfortable cabs in day, crew and sleeper configurations. This is a manufacturer that tends to innovate when it comes to onboard technology; it's a trend setter rather than a trend follower. And so even used models will come will impressive levels of equipment in most cases.

    If you are buying a used tractor unit, it is a good idea to seek out a model with a recent MOT and comprehensive service history, even if it bears a Mercedes-Benz badge on the front. These machines are arguably the most important part of a full truck assembly, so you also need to think about the type of body or trailer they are going to accommodate and which models will be able to meet your requirements without putting too much of a dent in your budget.

    Mercedes Actros Tractor Units

    Mercedes Tractor Units - A Popular Choice

    For long-distance haulage the Mercedes Actros Tractor Unit is the Mercedes tractor unit of choice, particularly when it comes to driver comfort and overall efficiency. From compact cabs to seriously spacious equivalents, a lot of work goes into giving more room to manoeuvre for the occupants - to the point that the latest GigaSpace cab even includes room for separate areas dedicated to sleeping, working and relaxing. It is less a truck cab and more a mobile apartment. Of course, the larger units with extra comfort options included can be costly, which is why procuring one second-hand rather than new can enable serious savings to be made.

    Arocs Tractor Units for Arduous Tasks

    For those involved in distribution and construction, there are variants of the Arocs tractor unit. These models feature a heavy-duty design, especially when the construction industry is being targeted, meaning that they should be able to operate effectively even on uneven surfaces such as building sites. Even with the rough and ready exterior of such models, you will still find plenty of creature comforts on the inside, with some second-hand units featuring things such as a water heater, integrated refrigerator and a luxury sleeping area with a soft and inviting bed.

    Mercedes Axor for Everyday Use

    The Axor Tractor Unit is another favoured Mercedes-Benz prime mover, featuring a 4x2 or 6x2 wheel configuration. Used models with high roof cabs, air deflectors and sun visors offer good long-distance performance, even if they are from older iterations of this range. Air suspension provides comfort and control, while disc brakes ensure solid stopping power and safety.

    Mercedes-Benz continues to update its tractor units with cutting-edge technology to make them more manageable and efficient, with Euro IV and V compliant engines and a variety of safety features such as lane assist, automatic braking and much more besides. The condition of any used tractor unit will always be the biggest factor in determining whether or not it is worth purchasing, but a Mercedes-Benz badge is always a reassuring sign that the vehicle in question has had a good start in life.