About Tractors With Sleepers

    A tractor with a sleeper cab gives one a convenient option for getting some rest when the job takes you far from home.

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    Updated: Friday, July 07, 2023 02:53 AM
    Tractor with Sleeper
    Price:EUR €70,000

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    Machine Location:
    Planina, Postojna, Slovenia 6232
    Mileage:672,000 km
    Drive Side:Left Hand Drive

    Ervin Samsa

    Planina, Slovenia 6232
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    edizione limitata Emerald.il camion è in ottime condizioni, gomme 90% ha pompa per l'idraulica ribaltabile.

    About Tractors With Sleepers

    Long-haul transport is a tough job that often involves long days and nights out on the road. That’s why it’s important for drivers to have a tractor unit with a comfortable sleeper cab. It may not exactly be a home away from home, but truck manufacturers have been working hard over the past few years to get as close to that as possible.

    A Super Space Cab DAF XF Tractor Unit with a High Roof Sleeper
    A Super Space Cab DAF XF Tractor Unit with a High Roof Sleeper

    There is a lot of variation among used models going back several years; you’ll find models with flat roofs and not much overhead space mixed in with others with a more curved, aerodynamic roof that affords a bit more living space on the inside, as well. 

    The setup inside will also vary from model to model, ranging from basic (a bed and closet) to more advanced (space for a television, a fold-out table and chairs, etc.). Of course, not every driver needs all of the creature comforts, so it’s important to dig into the details and find the truck that’s the best fit for your operation.

    Which Sleeper Cab Is Which?

    Each manufacturer now brands their top of the range, high roof sleeper cabs something special. This was a trend started back in the 1980s with Volvo and their inspirational Globetrotter brand name. Like all things, sleeper cabs are getting larger, so much so that Volvo had had to bring out a Globetrotter XL.

    Mercedes-Benz, never one for understatement, have not only manufactured Bigspace cabs on their Actros range, there are also Gigaspace cabs. Daf, too, have had their Spacecab tractor units in the CF and XF range for many years, and more recently Daf felt the need to upsize with a Super Space Cab. Scania also have three sizes of sleeper cab—low, normal and Highline—available on their R Series and S Series trucks.

    Find Tractors With Sleepers For Sale

    You’ll find a wide selection of new and used tractors with sleepers for sale on TruckLocator.ie, including trucks from manufacturers like Scania, Daf, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Man, and Renault, to name just a few. 

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