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DAF CF85's Timeline

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DAF Introduce 75 and 85 Series
Birth of the CF85
The 75 and 85 become the CF Series
The CF series is launched – namely the 65, 75 and 85 trucks.
DAF add minor upgrades to the CF series. Nothing really to report if you’re looking to buy one, but be aware that there’s a slight increase in spec around this time.
CF85 Updated to Euro 4 and 5 Engines
To comply with legislation DAF launch the CF85 at Euro 4 - but keep ahead of the rules by launching Euro 5 at the same time
Second generation launched
The first proper overhaul for the CFs, 10 years after they first made an appearance. A brand new interior (one of the best things about the CFs already), coupled with optional safety features and an enhanced driveline. The Edition 2009 models are the first to feature these updates, so be aware that there may be a slight jump in price of used models of this age.
Four-axle rigid chassis launched
DAF’s CF85 range grows with the introduction of two new eight wheeler models. Instead of an even spread, there are three axles at the rear. the middle one drives the truck and the front helping to steer.
Euro 6 CF85 Launched
Much fanfare at the CV Show in April 2013 saw the new CF85 Euro 6 launched
CF Construction Launched Euro 6
The construction version for on and off-road applications in construction launched.