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DAF LF45's Timeline

Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in DAF LF45's history

600 Series Launched
The predecessor of the LF45 was born - similar in appearance to today's 45 trucks, the 600 replaced the ageing 500 series.
45 Series Launched
With the DNA of today's LF45, the DAF 45 series was launched
Launch of LF45
The LF45 first comes into production as DAF’s answer to distribution transport. Marketed in the 6 to 18 tonne segment of the truck market
LF45 Wins Truck of the Year
The newly introduced LF is voted ‘International Truck of the Year 2002’ after a very strong reception.
Euro 4 and 5 LF45 Upgrades
The LF45 is updated to meet Euro standards and has a facelift at the same time
LF45 goes EEV
DAF upgrades the LF45 to EEV standard with all the trucks in their range. At this stage it is optional, so you won't find many EEV of this age in the used market
LF45 Gets Facelift
The Edition 2009 models of the LF trucks become available. A plush new interior is included, so be aware that the more recent LF45s for sale on are slightly nicer to be in…but there are some optional safety features too.
DAF LF Hybrid goes into production
The first hybrid LFs begin production – DAF is one of the first European manufacturers to begin making hybrid distribution trucks. The new LFs achieve up to 20% CO2 emissions.
100,000 LF Trucks
The 100,000th LF rolls off the production line. A massive achievement demonstrating the possibility of the LFs in the lightweight market – just think how many used DAF LF45 trucks are available to buy!
Euro 6 DAF LF Launched at CV Show
Set to arrive in the UK early in 2014, the LF receives a much needed facelift, but keeps the cab that it shares with the Renault Midlum (it is made in the Renault factory in France)
EEV now Standard
All 4 cylinder LF45s (nearly all the LFs are 4 cylinder 4.5 litres) are now EEV as standard