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DAF LF55's Timeline

Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in DAF LF55's history

Launch of 55 Series
The LF55's predecessor, the 55 Series is launched, operating in the 11 to 15 tonnes category
NEW LF Series Announced
In 2001 DAF announces the LF series, aimed at the distribution market. The first LFs start to appear.
LF Wins Truck of the Year
The LF is voted ‘International Truck of the Year 2002’ a year after its release. The 45 still sells better than the 55, and gets more praise, but the 55 definitely has its uses and is worthy of the accolade.
LF55 Goes Euro 4 and 5
All DAF models are upgraded to the new Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions standard
LF55 Available as EEV
With all of DAF's trucks at the time, an owner could buy an Euro 5 plus or 'Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles' version of the LF55 as an optional extra.
NEW LF Facelift Announced
The LF gets an overhaul. The Edition 2009 series becomes available, with a nicer interior; added (optional) safety features; and some driving improvements. If you see a jump in price for models released in 2009 and beyond…this is why.
EEV as Standard for 4.5 litre
All 4.5 litre LFs were rated as EEV as standard
DAF Starts making Hybrid LF
DAF begins producing hybrid trucks, and starts with the LF series. Some of the 12 tonnes LFs achieve up to 20% CO2 emissions – great for a distribution truck – and great for DAF, who are among the first European manufacturers to sell hybrids.
Last LF55 rolls off the production line
The LF55 is replaced by the Euro 6 LF range