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DAF XF105's Timeline

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Launch of XF105
The XF105 is introduced with the aim of being the best truck for long distance haulage on the market. Featuring a bigger cab than any other lorry, the XF is all about comfort – perhaps more so than other manufacturers’ trucks in the same class.
The XF105 is voted ‘International Truck of the Year 2007’.
Safety devices launched
The new Edition 2009 models are announced, with overhauls to the XF105 series bringing in optional safety features and a plush new interior. There are also some minor enhancements to the driveline.
DAF the first to have all EEV
All DAF Trucks can now run with EEV engines across the entire range
Special edition XF105 launched
Special edition of the XF105 - the ATe -with a package of options aimed at improving the efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and emissions launched.
DAF XF Launched for Euro 6
The replacement for the XF105 is simply called the XF. Running the MX13 engine only at Euro 6 DAF have kept existing cab architecture for their EGR & SCR solution