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Mercedes-Benz Actros's Timeline

Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Mercedes-Benz Actros's history

Launched in 1996 the first Actros (MP1) was expected to counteract the declining sales in the heavy truck segment. To bring the vehicle to the market quickly, Mercedes initially used a few components from the SK on the Actros, such as the rear axle.
older components replaced
Older components were replaced with newly developed units. The electronic control and networking system was introduced on a large-scale in a commercial vehicle. IN addition, the Actros received a new transmission control, an electronically controlled brake system and a flexible maintenance system. Construction versions of the Actros were introduced in Autumn 1997. Won truck of the year.
Second generation launched
Daimler Trucks/Lorries launched the version ll of the Actros.
Actros MP 2 launched
Actros MP 2 launched with a profound visual overhaul. As part of the facelift, Mercedes redesigned the interior of the cab. Externally, the model refinements included a new design of the headlights, with bi-xenon headlamps available for the first time, and a further smoothed front of the vehicle. To obtain the recognition of the model, however, the basic shape of the cab remained. Two new engines were also introduced at the same time, homologated to Euro 3rd.
New engines introduced
New engines were again presented, OM 541, OM 542, V6 and V8. Won truck of the year.
Black edition launched
Black Edition of the Actros , the Spacemax introduced, featuring a more spacious cab.
Truck ‘n’ roll edition launched
Truck ‘n’ roll edition presented.
Actros MP 3 launched
Actros MP 3 launched with a new chassis, cab and engine. The grille and sun visors were made much more curved and the headlights were slightly revised. Also new was the Mercedes Powershift automated gearshift 2-12, which reduced consumption by a few percent.
Truck of the year
Won truck of the year.
Fourth version launched
Fourth version launched, otherwise known as the second generation. The new Actros had no similarities with its predecessors apart from the name. For the very first time the Actros featured a six-cyclinder inline engine using Common Rail Diesel Technology and X-Pulse as opposed to the PLD system used previously. The new version also offered several engine options in either Euro-5 or Euro-6 compliant models, with various power output and Mercedes PowerShift 2, the first 12-speed automatic transmission to be fitted as standard in a heavy-duty truck.