Scania Trucks - An Overview

    The fact that Scania Trucks receive the highest number of searches of all brands here on is a clear indicator that they just keep going from strength to strength.

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    Tractor with Sleeper

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    Machine Location:
    Andria, Bat, Italy 70031

    RIBATTI Veicoli Industriali Srl

    ANDRIA, Italy 70031
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    R 560 Top Line SPP cambio automatico con pedale frizione Lavori eseguiti: sostituzione Canne e Pistoni, collettore scarico sost. Guidavalvole, Turbine e filtro antiparticolato

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    Tractor with Sleeper

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    Machine Location:
    Uxes (Arteixo), A Coruña, Spain 15690
    Stock Number:20D1192-0

    Talleres A.Capelan S.L.

    Ujes, Spain 15690
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    SCANIA 144 460 (PARTS / DEMOLITION) REF: 20D1192-0 Dismantled truck/ tractor truck (Parts / Demolition) VIN - VLUR4X20009057580 We have all the parts except the MOTOR. Consult compatibility wit...See More Details

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    Tractor with Sleeper

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    Machine Location:
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 4207
    Stock Number:TA741080
    Drive Side:Right Hand Drive

    Scania T144, 460hp V8, GRS900R, RB660 @ 3.07

    Used Scania Trucks - The Trucks Everyone Wants

    The fact that Scania Trucks receive the highest number of searches of all brands here on is a clear indicator that they just keep going from strength to strength. Purpose-built for everything from long haulage to construction, there's a Scania truck for every business or personal need.

    The excellent reputation of the Scania V8 engine helps with Scania Trucks' standing as a manufacturer with rock solid residual values. Previously family controlled for many years, Scania is now alongside MAN under the control of Volkswagen as part of their ever-expanding automotive empire.  Scania is keen to protect its unique identity and has distanced itself from other group companies, although it is likely that there will be some sharing of technology with MAN over time.

    Scania Trucks Info

    As one of the UK's most recognisable industrial vehicle manufacturers, Scania prides itself on providing superior products at incredible value for its customers.

    Its reputation is built on customer retention through the obvious quality of its trucks, buses and coaches.

    What began in the late 19th century as a railway carriages outfit has become one of the world's most trusted vehicle manufacturers, producing instantly recognisable trucks and heavy goods vehicles everywhere.

    It all started in Sweden, but the Scania Group has, over the course of more than a century, expanded its operations into the Netherlands, Argentina and France to produce the wide variety of trucks you can see on today. 

    Exporting Scania Trucks

    Used Scania trucks are very desirable in the export market - especially the lower powered R Series Tractor units.  These command a premium for African buyers and are common sights on their way to UK ports for exporting to Africa, the Caribbean and other right hand drive markets for the UK's truck export market. If you are buying a Scania for export, we recommend choosing a used truck from a Trucks Trader who has experience in the export process to help with the inspections, shipping and other complexities.

    Which Scania truck is right for me?

    Scania 2 Series - A 1988 Example kept in top condition
    2 Series Scania

    2 Series

    The 1980s saw the introduction of the 2 Series, Scania's rigid and robust heavy truck. It's suitable for local and regional distribution.  Now becoming collectable as a historic truck of significance, as it was the first modern cab to come out of the Swedish manufacturer.  

    If you find a clean one, snap it up!

    Scania 3 Series - A 143 500 6x4
    3 Series Scania

    3 Series

    First introduced in 1987, the 3 Series is a heavy truck class with a conventional body style. The variety of engine sizes available means that it's still a truck suited to almost all jobs.  

    It is becoming a little long in the tooth and is now often seen in breakers yards, heading for export or, if it is a particularly clean example, heading for a classic truck collection.

    4 Series Scania Topline from 2002
    4 Series Scania

    4 Series

    1995 saw the introduction of the now familiar curved edges on Scania trucks. There are five engine combinations on the 4 Series. It was succeeded in 2004 by the G, P and R Series.  

    Click through to the 4 Series page and you will find our explanation of the complicated numbering system Scania uses to describe the 2, 3 and 4 series range.

    Scania G Series G480
    G Series Scania

    G Series

    Available as a rigid or tractor unit, the G-Series has a choice of five different cab types: three sleepers, a day cab and a short cab. They are larger than the P-series and come with a wider choice of engines.  Looking for a larger cab still? Then you need to look at the R Series, Scania's top sized cab - especially the Topline Griffin model.

    P Series

    Scania P Series Tractor Unit with Pet Regs
    P Series Scania

    The P-series cab comes in five different sizes: three sleeper cabs, a day cab and one short cab. P-Series customers are usually involved in the construction industry or regional and local distribution.  

    The truck is particularly suited to petrol tanker operations or 'pet regs'.  These are typically super-lightweight and have a smaller mid-lift axle to maximise legal payload of the tanker operation.

    R Series

    Pair of R Series Scania Tractor Units from 2011
    R Series Scania

    Available as a tractor or rigid, R Series trucks, Scania's flagship, are particularly optimised for long-haulage. It's the series with the most powerful of all production trucks, the R730.

    T Series

    The T Series completed the new range of trucks for Scania, alongside the R and P Series. It's geared up mainly for long-haulage and construction. Now discontinued, the bonneted cab is a much sought after used truck both in the UK and abroad in export markets.  If you can find one keep hold of it, as they will definitely become even more collectable.  You will also find the T Cab in the old 4-series range prior to 2005.

    Scania T Series Cab
    T Series Scania

    Scania R Series Tractor Unit