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Up Close & Personal With The MAN TGX

The MAN TGX brings fuel economy to all sorts of jobs with 330 to 640 horsepower and up to 3,000 newton-metres of torque. (Photo courtesy of MAN.)

German truckmaker MAN designs its TGX for economy and efficiency as well as performance and power. It’s a versatile truck that can be configured for long-haul transport, construction, fire response, forestry, agriculture, street cleaning, waste disposal, car transport, and other applications. Read on for a closer look at its many standard and optional features.


The MAN TGX comes in 18- to 41-tonne forms with two, three, or four axles. The truck is available in semi-trailer tractor, tipper, and chassis truck versions. Two- and four-wheel-drive models are available with either steel-steel or steel-air suspensions. On certain models, MAN HydroDrive provides all-wheel drive hydrostatically, weighing about 750 kilograms less than a conventional all-wheel-drive system. The driver can engage it for additional traction while driving by simply turning a knob.

Chassis heights for the TGX range from ultra-low (for volume transport) to “normal” height with a medium height in between the two. The rear axle uses an innovative X control arm instead of a stabiliser and wishbone control arms to save weight and to improve tracking and stability.

The MAN TGX comes in 18- to 41-tonne forms with two, three, or four axles. (Photo courtesy of MAN.)


The MAN TGX comes with one of three Euro 6 diesel engine options. The 9.0-litre D15 ranges from 330 to 400 horsepower (243 to 294 kilowatts). The larger 12.4-litre D26 covers the 430 to 510 hp (316 to 375 kW) power levels. Both have a 140,000-kilometer service interval. Finally, the 15.2-litre D38 is an inline six-cylinder with 540 to 640 hp (397 to 471 kW) and 2,700 to 3,000 newton-metres of torque. Some or all of the engines use common-rail fuel injection and make use of exhaust aftertreatment components such as AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), SCR (selective catalytic reduction), DPF/CRT (a Continuously Regenerating Trap-style diesel particulate filter with a diesel oxidation catalyst), and two-stage exhaust gas recirculation.

The TGX’s transmission is a manually operated, electronically controlled MAN TipMatic gearbox with a SmartShifting switching feature and MAN Easy Start to assist in starting the engine on inclines. MAN endows the TGX with primary and secondary retarders for wear-free deceleration.

The TGX’s dashboard augments its analogue dials with a digital display. Nearby is the MAN Media Truck infotainment system, which supports Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary audio connections. (Photo courtesy of MAN.)

Cab Options

Cabin options for the TGX include MAN’s compact XL cab with a standard bed; the XLX with one or two bunks and room to fully stand up; and the spacious, double-bunk XXL cab with 2,100 mm of standing height. MAN designed each of these to be 1.5 dB quieter than its previous cabs. Interior colour options include one called Urban Concrete that’s optimised for dirty environments such as construction sites.

The TGX’s adjustable, multifunction steering wheel provides convenient controls for the radio, phone calls, and more. The wheel can optionally be wrapped in leather. The truck’s adjustable driver’s seat is air-suspended and has an integrated headrest. Options include seat heating and cooling, Alcantara synthetic leather, pneumatic lumbar support, and more. The cabin’s climate control is automatic.

The TGX’s dashboard augments its analogue dials with a digital display. Nearby is the MAN Media Truck infotainment system, which supports Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary audio connections. Media Truck comes ready for a rear-view backup camera and can be outfitted with an optional navigation system. The TGX also supports an aftermarket Rio Box for telematics and fleet and service management. MAN also offers a Driver app to report damage, identify switches and check lamps, and more.

Other features of the TGX’s cab include a new glass roof that elevates electrically and a compressed air connection to assist in cleaning out the interior. Options include a headlight washer unit, a coolbox, a diesel heater, an auxiliary water heater, and an air conditioning system to use while parked.

MAN manufactures the TGX in two- and four-wheel-drive editions, including models with the lightweight HydroDrive hydrostatic drive system. (Photo courtesy of MAN.)

Driver Assistance Features

MAN offers many standard and optional driver assistance technologies with the TGX. Its front, side, and rear lights turn on automatically, and its xenon headlights automatically dim as needed. For visibility to others on the road, the truck features LED daytime driving lights per regulations. Its wipers automatically start when their sensors detect rain, dirt, or other visual obstructions, and they also change speed according to conditions.

MAN’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) brakes and reduces engine output when the truck is oversteered or understeered in a curve. Meanwhile, MAN EfficientCruise GPS-Assisted Cruise Control uses map data to select fuel-saving gears along the route. The related ACC Stop & Go works in slow traffic, stopping and resuming the truck’s forward motion per the vehicle ahead of it. EfficientRoll employs downhill coasting to save up to 9% on fuel costs, the manufacturer says.

MAN Emergency Brake Assist and the BrakeMatic electronic braking system work to shorten braking distances and promote even brake lining wear. The Lane Guard System emits a left or right rumble strip sound if the truck strays across lane markings without a turn signal. Lane Return Assist, meanwhile, relies on the MAN ComfortSteering speed-aware active steering system to nudge the truck back into line. The driver can override all of these.

Additional features of the MAN TGX line include a tyre pressure monitoring system and the Continuous Damping System, which adjusts the shock absorbers’ stiffness every 25 milliseconds.

The TGX’s one- or two-bed cab options include a new glass roof that elevates electrically. (Photo courtesy of MAN.)


MAN offers the TGX truck with an XLION equipment package tailored to long-haul applications. (MAN also offers XLION equipment packages for its TGS trucks for construction and for its TGM and TGL trucks for distribution duty.)

Besides an optional lion design, the TGX XLION comes with a heated, air suspension seat with armrests; heated power mirrors; sun blinds; red and white dimmable interior lights; storage options; and exclusive maintenance and repair contract conditions. XLION also adds some MAN DigitalServices to the TGX, namely MAN Essentials (which provides vehicle info), MAN ServiceCare (which announces upcoming maintenance requirements), MAN Advance (monitors truck status and deployment with up to 25 months of saved history), MAN Perform (charts the performance of drivers and vehicles and provides economy tips), and MAN Compliant (archives tachograph and driver card data in the cloud).

The TGX also comes in a pair of special-edition models. The MAN TGX D38 is the high-performance variant with the top engine option for the series. The 540, 580, or 640 HP truck can haul cargo weighing up to 120 tonnes. The D38 also features a sustained action braking system as well as platinum silver and chrome exterior appointments.

Finally, the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 4x2 semi-trailer tractor employs the D26 engine and the TipMatic transmission for fuel savings. The motor uses a specialised combustion process, a lower ancillary output, and a cooled air intake to boost efficiency. The truck can be further optimised with an optional efficient gearshift program, MAN’s aeropackage to streamline the exterior, EfficientCruise, EfficientRoll, and 500 kg more payload capacity thanks to the spare tyre being made redundant.

Find The Right MAN TGX

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Posted On 21 July 2020
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