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Nooteboom Launches The OSDS-48-03V(EBW) Semi Low Load Trailer Designed To Haul Equipment, Containers & More

Nooteboom has launched the OSDS-48-03V(EBW) semi low loader trailer with variable wheel wells, designed to carry heavy equipment, containers, divisible loads, and more with a maximum capacity of 39 tonnes. (Photo courtesy of Nooteboom.)

Nooteboom recently launched the OSDS-48-03V(EBW) semi low loader trailer. It’s a three-axle unit with a 4,750-millimetre (187-inch) extendable loading floor, wheel wells, and a self-tracking axle. Thanks to its lightweight design, it also has a payload capacity of 39 tonnes (43 U.S. tons) at a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). The trailer is intended to transport containers and divisible loads as well as articulated dump trucks, wheel and track loaders, and other equipment, which Nooteboom says was previously only possible with a low loader.

The company adds that the OSDS-48-03V(EBW) is “exceptionally strong and has excellent torsional stiffness,” which contribute to a long, durable life span. It also features many high-end components, including Goodyear tyres, Hella lights, Jost landing legs, SAF axles, and Wabco brakes, further adding to the durability of the trailer. Nooteboom also offers options to add aluminium boards, ferry rings, ramps, storage trays, toolboxes, a lift axle, and many other features.

Distinct Wheel Wells

The new low loader’s wheel wells are one of the factors that make it so versatile; they are 400 mm (15.7 in.) deep with 35-degree inclination angles and steel cross ribs that keep the cargo in place. They can accommodate tyres of various sizes and an optional sliding bolster helps match even more tyres sizes and wheelbase lengths. You can also close the wheel wells to make a flat surface when transporting non-wheeled loads. For example, with holes for intermediate locks, the trailer can handle 20-, 30-, and 40-foot (6-, 9-, and 12-metre) containers.

It’s also easy to load and unload cargo onto the semi low loader thanks to the 1,150-mm (45-in.) beavertail in the rear. There are several ramp options available, including aluminum ramps and hydraulic folding ramps, in a range of lengths and widths to accommodate various loads. There are also a wide range of load-securing options to choose from, including TÜV-certified lashing eyes, straps, ropes, and more.

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Source: Nooteboom

Posted On 4 March 2021
Category: Truck and Trailer News
Tags : low loader trailers nooteboom semi trailers
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