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Walsall Council Returns To Mercedes-Benz Econics For Waste Collections & Recyclables

Waste collections and recyclables in the West Midlands town of Walsall are now being carried out by eight new 26-tonne Mercedes-Benz Econics recently acquired by the town’s council. The trucks feature Terberg split bin lifts and CPD Titan XLS bodies with 23 cubic-metre capacities. (Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.)

Citizen and businesses alike in the West Midlands town of Walsall are again benefiting from the presence of Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks, as the town council’s Clean & Green Services team recently procured eight low-entry Econics for waste collection and recyclables. Sourced from Mercedes-Benz-qualified partner CPD of Chorley, Lancashire, the trucks feature Terberg split bin lifts and CPD Titan XLS bodies with 23 cubic-metre (812-cubic-foot) capacities. The council had previously been using another manufacturer’s refuse collection vehicles.

“After studying whole-life costs of the fleet, downtime figures, and feedback from the drivers and crews, we decided to return to the tried-and-trusted combination of Mercedes-Benz Econic chassis, CPD Titan body, and Terberg hoist,” says Clean & Green Services Procurement Manager Den Edwards. “We are still running vehicles of this combination that are near eight years old. Not only have they proved to be both durable and reliable, but they are also well-liked by the colleagues who use them day in, day out.”

Built To Collect

All the council’s Econics are 26-tonne (28.7-U.S.-ton) 2627L models with rear-steer axles, 200-kilowatt (272-horsepower) EU Stage V 7.7-litre diesel engines, and six-speed Allison automatic transmissions. Their cabs feature air conditioning and wraparound windscreens, plus an optional slide window in the glass panel on the cab’s nearside that helps workers in and out of the truck communicate.

The council is maintaining the trucks in its own workshop, but receives warranty support and parts from the Wolverhampton branch of Mercedes-Benz dealer Midlands Trucks & Van. Midlands supplied the chassis for four of the council’s trucks, while S&B Commercials provided the other four.

“Comprehensively Equipped”

In addition to Active Brake Assist 5 and Electronic Parking Brakes technologies, the council’s Econics include optional Sideguard Assist and Rearguard Assist technologies. The former uses passenger-side short-range radar sensors to enhance safety in poor-visibility situations when making left turns or changing lanes. The latter warns drivers and can brake the truck when operating in reverse and approaching an object at a critical distance.

“Given the Council’s total commitment to responsible, compliant operation, it is reassuring to know that these new vehicles are so comprehensively equipped when it comes to the protection of our drivers and crews, and, indeed, of everyone else who uses the borough’s roads,” Edwards says.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz

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