First Of Its Kind: Renault Trucks’ New, All-Electric Concrete Mixer

    “Renault Trucks has been delighted to partner with Tarmac and TVS Interfleet in the development of the first electric concrete mixer in the UK,” says Renault Trucks’ Andrew Scott. “We see this as the first of many zero carbon vehicles which we can introduce together to help drive carbon out of construction.” (Photo courtesy of Renault.)

    Tarmac, a sustainable building materials and construction firm, recently put the UK’s first all-electric, ready-mix concrete mixer through a three-month trial at commercial jobsites across Birmingham. Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet partnered with Tarmac to jointly develop the e-mixer, creating a completely new digital operating system and additions to improve safety during operation.

    “Ultimately, the successful launch of the e-mixer has been possible through the collaborative approach undertaken by all three companies,” says TVS Interfleet Technical Director Kevin Walker. “This new model of working sets the standard for future development and innovation, and one we hope will continue.”

    Zero Tailpipe Emissions, Reduced Noise

    Renault indicates that the e-mixer offers the same average capacity as a conventional diesel vehicle, and its battery-powered operation decarbonises concrete transport at construction projects. Recent UK government data indicates that a typical 17-tonne (18.7-U.S.-ton) concrete mixer powered by fossil fuel generates 1.55 kilograms of CO2 per mile, so with zero emissions per mile, the e-mixer would save 42 t (46.2 U.S. t) of CO2 annually.

    “To develop the new electric mixer, the TVS Interfleet team was asked to completely forget everything they thought they knew about building mixers and start from scratch, which has resulted in a mixer with several new patents,” says Walker. “While the original brief was to deliver energy-saving benefits and a focus on decarbonising the construction industry through electrification, other benefits have also been realised including heightened safety and a quieter operation; all of which adds to the long list of benefits the e-mixer delivers.”

    The zero-tailpipe emissions and low noise of the e-mixer allow it work in urban areas like Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone. (Photo courtesy of Renault.)

    Award-Winning Design

    At the recent UK Concrete Show, the e-mixer was recognised with the British Aggregates Association Award for Safety Innovation. Tarmac plans to build on the success of the e-mixer by continuing to work with Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet to develop the next generation of mixers with a goal of widespread use across urban operations.

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    Source: Renault

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