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TITAN Walking Floor For SaleTHE KING OF LANDFILL & HEAVY WASTE Unique patented design and construction methods combine to give superior strength at very low weight with the lowest possible whole life cost 124 cuyd - Waste specification EXTRA Heavy duty top rail with ZERO TIE BARS - One of the best reasons to buy a Titan Moving Floor, no other manufacturer can produce an aluminium upper-structure strong enough to do this! Patented longitudinal panel design allowing for optimised sidewall construction Super Heavy Duty side wall panels (x2) at the base with Extra Heavy Duty Panels above Side wall fully seam welded on both the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE - Again unique to Titan giving incredible sidewall strength Keith Running Floor II system - the original high speed floor - this can push waste out twice as fast as other floor manufacturers Keith V9 Steel Hardox plank system - The strongest floor in the market! 50:50 barn doors with automotic door safety lock at base TITAN Automatic Net System - no one even gets close to the capability and reliability of this net system Front mesh window EXPLOSION WELDED STEEL TO ALUMINIUM for the rubbing plate and neck cross-members - generates massive strength and weight savings - Construction industry technology used by a trailer manufacturer - AMAZING! Titan Inc of Canada are North Americas' largest Waste or Garbage Walking Floor Manufacturer. They now have a UK factory based in Middlesbrough making 4 to 10 per week - this trailer will out last any other by up to double the life span - proven capability in the UK since 2003 - 100s in service with companies like Sherwoods. The Titan have completely different DNA from European types. They are lighter like for like. They have horizontal side wall planks. The planks are all different with thicker faces at the base working the way up the side wall. Strength where you need it. The top rail is like no other. This means the trailer has no cross ties in the body. So nothing for the loader to hit. The trailer side wall is welded on the inside and again uniquely on the OUTSIDE - giving massive strength increase. New technologies are on show throughout - TITAN weld STEEL to ALUMINIUM - expensive but creating far lighter construction than the competition. Titan Trailer for Sale; Titan Heavy Waste Specification For Sale 124 CuYds (94.8m3) Fitted 3x SAF B9 22K01 axles.On Air suspension. On 22.50" SAF SK7 Disc brakes and Alloy wheels The door is Barn Door 50:50Net Titan Hydraulic Net System 50:50 Split cover fitted. The Weekly price shown in the 'lease price' is simply an illustration and not an offer to finance. The guide is based on a 15% initial payment and finance over 5 years. Call us for full details. FuelType: Diesel

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