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  • Manufacturers: DAF
  • Model Search Type: Exact
  • Models: CF370
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EUR €72,081.30
EUR €61,313.76
Lowest price found
EUR €8,044.77
EUR €45,255.39
Average price
EUR €40,063.04
EUR €53,547.35
Average w/out High & Low
EUR €53,652.46
Here is an at-a-glance view of current "quick sale", auction prices, and also current asking, or "retail", prices. We have done computations on both "Equipment For Sale" & "Auction Results" listings for the type of equipment you specified. Above you see the average price found, the highest & lowest prices, and the average price computed again after throwing out the highest & lowest prices. For clarification, we've also displayed the number of listings on which the computations were performed. (NOTE: Items without a price have been omitted from the calculations.)