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21 December 2021
The truck provides 230 kilowatts of continuous electric power and 290 kW of peak power, an increase from previous Scania hybrid trucks.
21 December 2021
The firm’s other limited-run Actros trucks include a 625-horsepower Actros Edition 1 in High-Tech Silver metallic and a 530-HP Actros 1 in Obsidian black metallic.
20 December 2021
The programme will begin the validation and integration of Plus’ autonomous trucking technology with IVECO’s latest-generation S-WAY heavy-duty truck.
17 December 2021
“Farmers and arboriculturalists in particular wanted that little bit more power and torque at the wheels for in-field operations, as well as for trailer work,” says Head of Special Trucks Ross Paterson.
16 December 2021
The new smaller variants, designed by Volta Trucks’ partner Astheimer Design in Warwick, UK, will share aesthetic, safety, and comfort features with the 16-t Zero, which is currently undergoing design verification testing.
15 December 2021
“As well as being extremely reliable, the Econic is very popular with our crews,” says Highways & Transport Maintenance Manager Graham Timmins.
14 December 2021
“Before committing to Volvo, we did look closely at rival marques, but none of them could really compete,” says Ladyroyd Garage owner David Thornes.
10 December 2021
“We have always been impressed by the quality, design, and build of Schmitz Cargobull trailers, so we were completely confident in our choice to be the first to run S.KO PACE SMART trailers,” says Salford’s Steve McNally.
10 December 2021
Today's first day of trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange marks the start of a new era for Daimler Truck.
9 December 2021
Finished in Arctic White paint, red decals, and black gloss wheels, Haulaway’s new flagship Actros Edition 2 is a dazzling new addition to the firm’s waste management fleet.
7 December 2021
Constructed in 1979, the Leyland Assembly Plant has been in full production since 1980.
6 December 2021
“Running on biomethane allows us to make a significant and immediate reduction to the carbon footprint of these vehicles vs. the diesel models they replace,” says Samworth Transport Manager Dave Alexander.
2 December 2021
The haulier reports that a single battery charge is frequently enough to get its MAN eTGEs through two full working days.
1 December 2021
“In years gone by, we’ve been predominantly Volvo, so we’re very happy to be going back to them again for this new order,” says Brocklebank & Co Demolition owner Nick Brocklebank.
1 December 2021
The logistics specialist has pre-ordered nearly 1,500 battery-electric Volta Zero trucks and is set to participate in real-world trials of the truck to verify its fitness for carrying out urban deliveries.
30 November 2021
Dezeen judges celebrated the battery-electric truck for its low environmental impact with last-mile freight deliveries, a design that shifts away from vans and cars to zero-emission distribution with enhanced driver and pedestrian safety.
30 November 2021
Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse operates a fleet of eight Canters between its Chelmsford, Essex, headquarters (six trucks) and its Benfleet, Essex, branch location (two Canters).
30 November 2021
The Council’s waste and recycling managers have been adding to its mixed fleet of more than 70 vehicles while working to grow recycling participation rates in Armagh.
22 November 2021
Dawsongroup Sweepers’ Daily road repair vehicles are already allocated on long-term contracts to local authority and utility sector rental customers.
19 November 2021
The asphalt and aggregate specialist’s fleet of 104 trucks reports that Volvos make up more than half its fleet.
18 November 2021
The custom facility will build 25 of the 16-tonne, zero-emissions vehicles to begin a thorough testing programme in January.
17 November 2021
The Unimogs are equipped with electrically insulated Versalift hydraulic lift arms and two-person buckets instead of UK Power Networks’ previous one-person equipment.
17 November 2021
“We are strongly committed to playing our part in the UK’s push to reach net zero and we will be making more of our fleet electric in the future,” says Fox Group Managing Director Paul Fox.
16 November 2021
In its announcement of the award, the Sustainable Truck of the Year jury highlighted the TGX’s advanced aerodynamics and efficient powertrain.
15 November 2021
The C-Roads Italy infrastructure in the Brenner Motorway provided the perfect backdrop for testing vehicle-passenger cooperation.

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